Friday, September 28, 2007


About things I half knew - I learned a little more
Learned half about things, I never heard before.
Will have to go back if I ever find the time
Never thought I'd keep up with this cheesey rhyme.
Bookmarked some sites that seemed like they were fun
Wrote my very first blog and will write another one.
Tried again with FLICKR and shared some pics with friends.
Will have to use Merlin and again.
Its hard to make time for myself when I must self pace.
I would prefer a workshop at designated time and place.
Still if 23 more things should come again next year,
I guess I wil sign-up again. You will find me here.

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio

I listen to podcast on my commute you see
while I am doing dishes and washing laundry
Got a cheap ipod clone so I can play them all
and I am not chained to my computer terminal.
So, so many programs of each and every kind
Daily shows and weekly shows you will also find
Find a show you like and subscribe today
They're automatically downloaded to ipod to play.

Week 8: Online Applications & Tools

Now let's have some fun, with some online tools
They're accesible from web based terminals
Their mostly free and best of all
use everywhere and never install

Who likes list
I like list.
Seaching Web 2.0 awards list
Found a site I couldn't resist
LISTDUMP.COM is nothing but list.
10 things, best things, worst things and more
Browse and search through list galore.

Week 7: Wikis

Anyone can have their say
Write a wiki post today
Check it when you want answers fast
Be careful - no one checks their facts.

Wrote a post was just piffle
Now anyone can publish drivel.

Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati

At first when I visited the site

Did not seem very auspicious.

Was highly recomended by a friend.

One day I'll try this site again.

Tagging struck me kinda funny

Used by folks who want your money

They tag a site with the whole works

So porn sites turn up no matter what the search

Still chewing over Libraries 2.0
We are constatly changing as you know
We drag our feet so those who are slow
Will not suffer vertigo

Friday, September 21, 2007

(Week 5: Play Week) Think I'll comeback to this later - online image generator

Seemed to silly to be work
Some of these goofy gimmicks irk
Make myself into a smurf
made silly video - for what is worth
Responsiblities I did not shirk
Was just doing my homework

As for using LibraryThing
I'm way behind on my reading
Would find this tool more useful you see
If I read more books and watched less TV

Read the info on Rollyo
If I find time to use it I'll let you know

(Week 4: RSS & Newsreaders) Tried to use the sight MERLIN - but it would not let me in

Had trained on Merlin once before
When I worked on the Eastern shore.
Now it won't let me register
Caus' my password I cant remember.
When I try to start a new
Says my my name is already used.